Many different types of destructive effect can occur to structures, ships and other equipment used in contact with sea water. Sea water has several powerful assisting factors which may increase the destruction of metals and non metals alike. Elements of creatures in sea water also add to its destructive effect.  Microbiological organisms, limpets as well as deposits of sand, sea weeds, silt or slime not only exclude oxygen but often create corrosive conditions which under these deposits will aggravate effect.

Sulphate elements, contained inside marine silt or mud deposits, will produce concentrations of hydrogen sulphide in which are particularly form an aggressive reaction to steel and copper based alloys. BULER Engineering Sdn. Bhd. has solutions for coatings and corrosion control maintenance on structures which can experience rapid degradation and solve the existing problem.  Painting the ship isolates the steel from the corrosive elements.  The paint must be resistant to the marine environment and the application must also be strictly controlled to ensure full and effective coverage of the contacted surface.  To achieve reliable and lasting longer protections, regular inspection and repair of the coating would be necessary. 

Despite small scope for marine division, BULER team provide a highly skill workforce to cater specialize task as:

  • Marine Voyage Onboard Repairs
  • Marine Ship Blasting & Coating


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  Power & Utilities

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