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BULER team are one of a few local engineering specialists catering to the local industrial, oil and gas petrochemical and building industry in providing engineering supplies, materials and know-how in high technology engineering applications.

BULER Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was established to provide specialised niche engineering services to a wide range of industries namely;

  • Hazardous
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Scope of Activities


  • Refinery – Storage Tank Maintenance, Electrical System, Lighting System, Power Distribution, Oily Sludge Treatment / Hydrocarbon Recovery System.
  • Blasting & Painting of Storage Tank, Repair Tank Vents system, Valves, Piping Repair, Tank Inspection.
  • Survey and inspection, repair & corrective maintenance services of cathodic protection system.
  • Supply & installation of Electrical components, Cables, Fire Fighting Piping System, Explosion proof Junction Boxes, Light Fittings & etc.
  • Installation, Erection, Testing & Commissioning and Handing Over of mechanical & electrical works


  • Civil engineering, concrete structure, concrete foundation (towers), drainage system, road premix resurfacing, buildings.
  • Sewage plant structures, reservoir, solar power renewable energy plant & etc.
  • Steel structure Fabrication, Pipe Replacement, Support structure, warehouse structure & etc.


  • Telecommunication shelter / cabin installation, power transmission towers painting & etc.
  • Architectural Restoration, Graffiti & General Cleaning, Monument Cleaning & etc.
  • Ceramic Roof Coating, Abseiling Cleaning and High pressure Water Jetting services.
  • Solar Power System, Rural Solar Lighting & etc.


  • Supply & apply High Performance Protective Coating, ceramic roof coatings.
  • Supply & Install of Pipe Support Protector
  • Standalone Solar Power System & Solar modules.
  • Supply & Install General industrial Electrical Components and refinery explosion proof Electrical Accessories.

Having many years of experience in the field of high and ultra high pressure water jetting services, BULER Engineering Sdn. Bhd. are able to tailor high pressure water cleaning and cutting solutions to fit many applications. BULER team expertise also offer a variety of high-pressure water blasting and high pressure water jetting services for residential, commercial, construction and industrial. In additions, BULER team widen its scope of expertise and able to provides tank repair and maintenance services, including bottom replacements, shell repairs, fixed and floating roof repairs and replacements, tank releveling, fittings and appurtenances, special design and engineering work, as well specialty fabrication and construction project works.


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